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Mi se întâmplă destul de rar să văd ceva care să mă impresioneze până în măduva oaselor. Nici nu știu cum am dat peste link-ul de mai jos, dar știu că m-am uitat la el de câteva ori, și de fiecare dată e zguduitor. Aproape 4 minute de fascinație pură.

A whirldwind tour of Tokyo

Și pentru că nu doar imaginile și coloana sonoră m-au răscolit, mai jos am pus textul 🙂

Tiger ( A.D. Hope )

The paper tigers roar at noon;
The sun is hot, the sun is high.
They roar in chorus, not in tune,
Their plaintive, savage hunting cry.

O, when you hear them, stop your ears
And clench your lids and bite your tongue.
The harmless paper tiger bears
Strong fascination for the young.

His forest is the busy street;
His dens the forum and the mart;
He drinks no blood, he tastes no meat:
He riddles and corrupts the heart.

But when the dusk begins to creep
From tree to tree, from door to door,
The jungle tiger wakes from sleep
And utters his authentic roar.

It bursts the night and shakes the stars
Till one breaks blazing from the sky;
Then listen! If to meet it soars
Your heart’s reverberating cry,

My child, then put aside your fear:
Unbar the door and walk outside!
The real tiger waits you there;
His golden eyes shall be your guide.

And, should he spare you in his wrath,
The world and all the worlds are yours;
And should he leap thejungle path
And clasp you with his bloody jaws,

Then say, as his divine embrace
Destroys the mortal parts of you:
I too am of that royal race
Who do what we are born to do.

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